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Yubo Partners With NCMEC To Provide Safer Online Experiences

Yubo, the global e-commerce platform with a mission to break down barriers and bring international commerce to everyone, has announced its collaboration to provide a safer online experience for Yubo users and their children.

This partnership addresses cyberbullying, the current epidemic that affects nearly every school-age population in America.

Yubo, founded and run by highly educated and experienced Harvard professionals, has pledged to provide resources to share information with parents on ensuring their children are safe online.

Cyberbullying is an increasingly prevalent issue with dire consequences, including suicide., “more than one-half (54.6 percent) of students in grades 9-12 who were electronically bullied did not report the incident to an adult at school. By contrast, only 16.3 percent of those who were verbally harassed did so.” mainly because nearly 50% of chilen in the U.S. now use Internet-enabled mobile devices (MDIs) in school.

Yubo is the first Chinese company to establish a partnership with NCMEC, and this joint campaign will be used to launch an advertising and marketing campaign in more than 90 countries across the globe.

In addition, Yubo plans on sharing information with parents who use Yubo’s mobile app on how to make their children safe online. The company intends to provide tips and guidelines for parents to educate their children about cyberbullying and invite them to take the pledge against it.

NCMEC is the leading nonprofit organization protecting children from sexual abuse and cybercrime. NCMEC receives funding from the Federal government and private foundations, with more than 90% coming from private donations.

Yubo’s goal is to break down barriers in e-commerce so everyone can access the same global marketplace, with a plan of more than 10 billion transactions per year by 2020.