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Why Alejandro Pena Takes ESG Efforts Seriously In Keter

Most major organizations and companies globally have made effective efforts for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues over the last three years. Keter has not been left behind on this trend and is among the leading companies developing unique and effective ESG efforts. Keter is an Israeli-based company making resin-based garden and home products.

It has 29 operational plants across Luxembourg and Israel, plus some parts of North America and Europe. ESG efforts in the company are more than a regulation that needs to be met for continued operation. Alejandro Pena, the company’s CEO, has made these efforts a central part of their operations in the more extensive macro environment.

Even as they implement ESG efforts, many organizations are just at the beginning of understanding them thoroughly and the impact they could have on their businesses.

Alejandro Pena has, however, worked to make his organization different. When he became the company’s CEO, Pena said he saw it as a company with a duty to its shareholders, the communities they operated from, and their environment.

As a leader in its industry, Pena believes they have a responsibility to follow ESG guidelines and include them as a company philosophy. He sees them as a way for the company to gain more competitive advantage and make a long-lasting impression in the communities it operates from.

Many studies back Pena’s assumptions, including some from the Baker Retailing Center and First Insight. They indicate that clients are more likely to spend money on companies with sustainably sourced products and services.

Alejandro Pena issued a sustainability report to stakeholders and highlighted their Keter Everyday Sustainability Pledge. The company uses this pledge to guide its manufacturing process, and it showed they significantly cut carbon from their manufacturing last year.

This was because of their continued use of recycled resin and maintaining efficiencies in operations. Pena believes that this also gives Keter employees something to be proud of. He adds that this gets them closer to being industry leaders in terms of sustainability.