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 Understanding the Commitment of Alfons Hörmann to German Sport

Alfons Hörmann is a big name in German’s sports. He is among the role models as he has been an entrepreneur and a volunteer in sports. For over twenty years, his role has been felt in German society.

In his time, Alfons pioneered various initiatives and projects that added more value to the German sports scene. Some of his notable ones include ProSport Foundation and the Alfons Hörmann Foundation. Following this, he rose and became the honorary president of the German Olympic Sports Confederation. In this capacity, he fought for the rights of German athletes and duly represented them.

Why It is Important to Volunteer in German Sport

Besides the fame of being an athlete, there is so much more reputation to it. With this reputation, an athlete has influence and can use it to make an impact in the industry. By volunteering, one gets to impact and inspire the masses in Germany and across the globe. It takes a lot of physical and financial effort, but the results are often encouraging. Hörmann understood this and vowed to bring sustainable improvement into the region with the help of sponsors, patrons, and his family.

Hörmann’s Philanthropy in the World of Sports

For close to four decades, Alfons has achieved a lot through his volunteer works in sports. With his strong connection to sports and work, he has served in various positions, including the president of the German Olympic Sports Confederation, a member of the World Ski Association FIS, and Vice Present of the International Biathlon Union. He also pioneered and was responsible for huge improvements in his associations. His enthusiasm is simply exemplary.

He has continued to set notable examples for other athletes and sports enthusiasts in Germany in his two foundations. He aims to introduce the next generation to this form of social responsibility early. He further states that skilful giving is never easy, but everyone must learn. Read more about Alfons Hormann