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Tieks; The Ultimate Ballet Flats

For decades, Tieks have continued to be a popular shoe wear for many women worldwide. They come in different designs and finishes to suit formal and casual needs. Many people who’ve worn these shoes for years describe them as super comfortable footwear. Below is a detailed guide on the design options, care tips, and other commonly asked questions about this footwear.

Design range

These shoes come in our major styles: Print, Classic, Patent, and Vegan. Classics are the standard options and primarily come in plain leather finishes. Prints feature a leather finish in a broad array of patterns from metallic to floral. You can also buy Tieks made from vegetable matter. Vegans are eco-friendly and a great alternative to leather-based footwear. You can only buy these shoes from the manufacturer’s online store. They are durable, premium, and hand-made in Italy.

Picking the appropriate size

Though Tieks manufacturers do their best to offer sizing guidelines on product packages, it’s always advisable to try out your shoes before purchase. It’s Important to note that these shoes are only available in whole shoe sizes. If you wear a half-size shoe, deciding whether to size down or up can be challenging without trying on the shoe. The footwear’s customer care supports exchanging imperfect fitting shoes subject to terms and conditions.

Stretch ability and care tips

This footwear has decent stretchability, thanks to its leather finish. Though most Tieks are comfortable out of the box, it takes time before the shoe adjusts to your foot size. The longer you wear your shoes, the more susceptible they become to scuffing. Polishing your footwear regularly helps keep the leather finish soft and intact. When cleaning these shoes, it’s best to use a soft sponge or cloth that won’t damage their leather exterior; under good care practices, your shoes can last more than three years. Visit this page on LinkedIn, for related information.


More about Tieks on https://tieks.com/matte-black.html