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Thomas Neyhart, PosiGen CEO. How Solar Power Saves Your Money

Everyone is interested in saving even a coin when paying bills. But, unless you’re an engineer to figure out how it works, electricity bills can be confusing. Many think power suppliers keep them in the dark. But when it comes to solar energy, you can easily understand how the system works and how it can help you save. Thomas Neyhart from PosiGen solar power company explains how.


How is your utility bill with solar power?


Once you decide to purchase your solar panels in advance, Thomas Neyhart adds, your solar power provider will always send you a utility bill. However, those who sign up for PosiGen solar lease status will need two utility bills.


  • your monthly status with a fixed, unrestricted lease value


  • Your regular utility bill will be reduced by the amount of solar you produce,


The monthly bill payment is lower for two utility bill recipients. You also get a guarantee for the amount you can save each month.


When providing such a solar system, PosiGen engineers such as Thomas Neyhart evaluate each home. So they can allow you to buy a solar system. In addition, unlike electricity providers that increase the price of electricity, PosiGen will enable you to lock in your discount rate for at least 20 years. Therefore it is easy to save when using solar energy. 


How the solar system produces energy


As Thomas Neyhart explains, solar panels receive energy directly from the sun because they contain electrical devices that convert light into energy. Once the solar panel is exposed to sunlight, the cells absorb solar energy and convert it into current electricity.