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The Interesting Beginning Story of Happy Joe’s

If you come from Bettendorf Iowa chances are you know about Happy Joe’s. It is one of the best preferred and appealing pizzas and ice cream parlors that is hard to ignore. The parlor offers some of the best pizza and ice cream that is just so difficult to resist by anyone. 


Even though the restaurant was formed in Iowa, it has grown and extended its branches and wings to many other parts of the world like the Middle East and Asia. The restaurant offers many servings including some irresistible pizza and of course the best ice cream. Apart from some sumptuous servings, Happy Joe’s has become one of the best places to have birthday parties and other parties. 


Many people have preferred Happy Joe’s restaurant for their children’s parties. Halloween parties have also been celebrated at the parlor together with other events. Happy Joe’s was formed by Lawrence Joseph who named it Happy Joe’s in 1972. 


The formation of the restaurant came about and occurred under very peculiar circumstances. A story is told about how Lawrence set himself up for punishment for the offense of throwing a birthday party for a kid while working as a manager at Shakey Pizza. From this day, the restaurant became a center for birthday parties leading to Happy Joe’s formation. 


The restaurant grew in fame from its first day and in the 80s, it extended to foreign countries like Egypt where a restaurant branch was formed in a boat shaped structure in the Nile River. The Happy Joe’s restaurant has continued to expand and grow introducing new servings and services every day which makes it great.