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Rising Star Damien Granderson

Damien Granderson is a well-known lawyer for his affiliation with the Lawyer360 website in Beverly Hills and New York City. As a former prosecutor, criminal defense attorney, and civil rights advocate, Granderson is often seen as an expert on criminal law. Granderson has been responsible for representing clients in a wide range of cases. 


Granderson was appointed to the Lawyer360 Advisory Board while still practicing law. His name is frequently mentioned on the site and in various media outlets, which led to his decision to become a senior editor. Damien Granderson has since been a great advocate for both Lawyer360 and CriminalDefenseLawyer360.com by giving his opinion on legal matters of interest, such as police brutality, criminal law in the US, drug laws, and marijuana laws. 


Damien Granderson has been involved in many community-based organizations. These, including LawyerServiceCenter (LSC), an organization that helps disenfranchised people get back into voting. Every election year, LSC organizes workshops and events to help potential voters. 


In 2011, Damien Granderson was promoted by the Beverly Hills and New York City-based law firm Cohen & Grigsby LLP. He is also the founder of the Lawyer360 Foundation, which helps people get back on their feet after an economic downturn. The firm offers legal services to high-profile individuals and companies in California, New York, and Connecticut. 


The firm also provides legal services to law firms nationwide. The entertainment lawyer joined the firm as an attorney specializing in white-collar defense law and criminal defense. Damien Granderson is one of the few lawyers who has spoken out on many issues and remains relevant in the media. He is always willing to speak out on legal topics that constitute an injustice in the law.