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Richard Liu’s Life And Career Path In Internet Technology

Richard Liu Qiangdong is the creator of JD.com based in China and has been the chief executive officer and chairman since it began operation in 2004. Since then, JD.com has developed to be the globe’s top manufacturer in advanced technology and AI circulation via autonomous technology, drones, and robots, which now has a massive drone supply network, transportation systems, and potentiality worldwide.

JD.com, led by Richard Liu is taking center stage in assessing robotic courier services, constructing drone-based delivery airports, and functioning driverless carriage. JD.com has become one of the rising Chinese tech firms striving to reduce workers with self-driving devices.

Liu Qiangdong was born in Suquian small town in China, on March 10, 1973. In 1996 Richard graduated with a bachelor’s in sociology from People’s University of China. Later on, he acquired his EMBA at China Europe International Business School. Liu mostly used his time studying computer programming, curious about the emerging web and technology.

Qiangdong has accumulated rapid rise and accomplishments, turning a sequence of physical shops into an e-commerce platform as JD.com has become one of the global highest online markets. JD.com’s stock keeps rising as the Chinese merchant develops its international partnerships with giant corporates, including google and Walmart. In the United States, JD.com contrasts with the pioneering Amex business website.

Liu’s anticipations and contributions in innovation management, intelligent retrieval, and robotic systems have extended to a large part of China and the entire worldwide household, upholding JD’s status as a great leader. During the industry’s seventeenth anniversary celebrations, they declared an upgrade to its corporate strategy placement and implementation plan.

Richard Liu was designated China Economic Person in 2011 December by CCTV. Liu’s other accolades are the acknowledgments for accomplishments in the Chinese e-commerce firm and 2017 a Variety 500 Honoree. He also devotes one day annually to charity. Refer to this article to learn more.


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