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Raffaele Riva And AUREA Are Breaking New Ground In Financial Services Across Europe

Raffaele Riva and AUREA Multi-Family Office are breaking new ground in financial services across Europe. Since its inception, they have developed various groundbreaking products that change how people think about money. This will be the first time any company has merged blockchain technology with FX trading, and it is doing this by combining fiat currencies with cryptocurrencies to create “multi-currency tokens.”

Together, they offer a new way of trading across borders, industries and currencies by allowing clients to participate in FX markets – where people can buy or sell equities – and then use their position to trade other financial products such as bonds.

The co-founders are leaders in their own right. Raffaele Riva is a founding partner at the investment banking firm Artiman Financial Services. He has worked in the financial services sector for 20 years and managed FX trading, fixed income portfolios and currency and commodity trading.

He has managed over €5 billion (around the US $5.5 billion) of FX turnover for his clients in Central Europe. The other co-founder is AUREA CEO, Dr. H. G. Quelle, who has over 20 years of experience building and managing financial services businesses, including J.P Morgan, Deutsche Bank and the Zentral PrivatBank (Central Private Bank).

Raffaele Riva impressive resume includes roles focused on wealth management, banking and advising regulators on financial markets regulation. Beyond Economics and Cryptocurrencies: Dual Blockchain Technology.

AUREA’s multi-currency token will be based on Ripple’s Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Riva and Quelle have invested in Ripple, an American company that provides blockchain technology to banks and other financial institutions.

This will allow their clients to trade within their currency and across borders with companies operating in various countries. This is not available via current solutions from competitors such as AvaTrade and IG. (Read the full list here.

The two companies have combined the fiat currency trading capabilities of AvaTrade with the Ripple technology to create a new solution that will allow traders to get exposure to a whole host of financial products – including bonds, FX, commodities, stocks and government bonds – all on a single trading platform. It allows participants to trade in partnership with other banks within their region and across borders while at the same time giving very competitive returns thanks to its unique multi-currency token. Refer to this article for more information.


Learn more about Riva on https://www.we-wealth.com/talents/raffaele-riva