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Quality, Creativity, and Investments Behind Hawkers Growth

The founder, Alejandro Betancourt, has been working to build the company’s reputation for quality and creativity. He invested in Hawkers by partnering with international brands like Nike and Adidas which have helped make the brand more recognizable. With help from his team and a little luck, he is now able to share his success story with other aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking for their own big break.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Hawkers Creative Director Alejandro Betancourt discussed how his company’s growth is attributed to its focus on quality and creativity. “We have been investing in our craft,” he said. The article goes on to discuss how this investment has paid off for not only Hawkers but also their customers, who are increasingly looking for quality products. Additionally, their partnership with international brands like Nike and Adidas has helped to make the brand more recognizable worldwide. Betancourt also credits his team’s expertise in strategy, marketing, design, and technology as well as a little luck – including an unexpected product placement on “New Girl” – for Hawkers’ success story.”

The history of Hawkers dates back to 2013 when Alejandro Betancourt founded the company. Four friends from universities in Spain launched the company with a small investment from Betancourt’s father which allowed them to launch their first collection. The previous company goal was to create a sunglasses brand that had a strong focus on quality.

During the company’s early stages, Alejandro Betancourt and his team had to endure many financial struggles. Although they received some initial press coverage after their first release of sunglasses, the brand struggled to gain more momentum throughout its first year due to a lack of funding. As a result, Hawkers was forced to close down temporarily in 2014 while Betancourt worked on finding investors for the company. Fortunately, he quickly found an investor and once again began operations with ten employees at Hawker’s headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. That was the beginning of Hawkers’ success, a case that is now evident in the present day.

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