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On the Ground Helping the Children and People of Ukraine

During these turbulent times there are ways that we can all help the people of Ukraine. The most basic of life sustaining essentials are needed to keep them alive and well. Two of the best ways to help is to either send money to established organizations or to volunteer aide if you are willing and able.

UNICEFF is currently on the ground helping the children and people of Ukraine with education, shelter, medicine and clean drinking water. They cannot continue their efforts if their funds run low. Sunflower of Peace is another organization that is collecting monetary donations to help first responder medics who are in the middle of conflict. Sunflower of Peace provides first aid medical tactical backpacks to the medics and front line doctors so they can help those who are injured. The back packs contain common first aide supplies such as bandages, anti-hemorrhagic medicine and medical instruments. CARE is a humanitarian organization which is trying to assist over 4 million Ukrainian’s with direct cash assistance for food, water, hygiene needs, shelter and other support services. CARE currently has a goal set to raise over $20 million dollars to help those seeking assistance.

In addition to donating monetary aide, many organizations are seeking front line medics and doctors who will be willing to enter these war torn villages and towns in hopes to provide medical assistance to those in need. Animal rescue organizations are also making extensive efforts to remove domesticated animals out of these horrific situations and into foster homes and shelters. Many local shelters in Poland are seeking animal basic care supplies such as food and towels for both cats and dogs as well as individuals willing to help with vetting, care and temporary housing. The humanitarian aid need in Ukraine is real and everyone should be helping in any way possible.

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