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Microsoft´s Tom Keane Gives an Update on the CASINO Prototype

Microsoft is always working on new technologies for different sectors. The development of prototype technologies is being monitored by the Corporate Vice-President of Azure Global. Software developer and engineer Tom Keane explains how the Azure platform is an important development for Microsoft, with its use in the tracking of low-orbit satellites becoming important. 


Tom Keane’s work with the Azure Global brand has not gone unnoticed in the technology sector. His role in the Azure Government Secret and Azure Government Top Secret programs helped him win WashingtonExec’s 2021 Pinnacle Award. The Cloud technology used by Tom Keane continues to advance the work of Government entities. The Commercially Augmented Space Inter Networked Operations office is a prototype causing excitement in government circles.


Speed is a vital part of success in any ground-based mission as software developer Tom Keane recalls. Microsoft’s CASINO technology has become a new standard in the ground-based mission support sector. The prototype of the CASINO technology has been proven to be a faster alternative to current technologies. 


The prototypes developed under the leadership of Tom Keane include a five times faster service for downloading and processing information. The benefits of the CASINO system include its ability to provide a clear financial path in scalability. The ability to download and store critical data of a sensitive nature has helped Tom Keane lead Microsoft’s Azure technology to immediate success. 

Tom Keane has developed and delivered some of the most successful Digital Transformation Services and Azure solutions. This includes a suite of digital tools and services used by millions of global companies across all industries. The team led by Tom Keane is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions that help companies transform their businesses through applying technology.