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 Marwan Kheireddine Recap

Marwan is a Lebanese banker and business mogul. Marwan Kheireddine, served as Minister of State, Minister of Economy and Minister of Public Works in the government of Prime Minister Omar Karami. Banking, real estate and media are his main businesses. In 1999, Marwan was awarded the “Man of the Year” award from the Lebanese Daily Star newspaper.

  1. Background

Marwan was born in a small village called Bassil, in the region of Bikfaya, Lebanon. He is the son of a Lebanese businessman and a Syrian mother. Marwan studied at the American University of Beirut and graduated with a degree in business administration. Marwan’s father was one of the most famous entrepreneurs in Lebanon during his time.

  1. Family Background

Marwan has two brothers, Ziad and Ali Kheireddine, who are also businessmen. Ziad is also married to an American woman named Christine Kornacki. Marwan has three children from his first wife: Karim, Nadia and Nadia (born after his divorce), as well as two children from his second marriage: Hala and Meriam (born after his divorce). He has eight grandchildren, four daughters and four sons. Two of his daughters are named Hala and Meriam, while another daughter is named Ranaa.

  1. Career

Marwan started his first business, a small restaurant in Beirut. It was called “La Brasserie”. After its success, he opened a second restaurant called “La Brasserie 2”. Later on, he opened a construction company called “Marwan Kheireddine Construction“, which is still active today. He established the Lebanese daily newspaper Al-Joumhouriya , which is now known as the Daily Star . He also founded the Lebanese daily newspaper Al-Safir .A serial entrepreneur, Marwan has founded multiple small and medium businesses in a vast array of industries. In Saudi Arabia, he founded a construction company called “Al-Rajhi Construction and Development”, which is still active today. Marwan also established the Lebanese daily newspaper Al-Nahar .

Marwan beleives that the Middle East is ripe for change and that the Arab Spring has been a sign of this change. He believes that the Arab world will be enlightened by the coming of democracy. One way to improve the Middle East is to remove all dictators and give people a voice. Marwan believes that it is important to build a new future for his country, Lebanon, and that he can do this through his business ventures. Learn more information about Marwan Kheireddine