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 Marwan Kheireddine Recap

Marwan Kheireddine

Lebanon is in a very difficult position regarding its banking system. The country has been through a lot of turmoil over the past few years, and its banking sector has been one of the hardest hit areas. Marwan Kheireddine, the Chairman and General Manager of Al Mawarid Bank, has said that the Lebanese banking system is “in need of reform.”

Kheireddine believes the Lebanese banking system needs significant reform to meet international standards. He also believes this reform needs to happen quickly to avoid further damage to the country’s economy. Kheireddine has proposed several measures that he believes will help to improve the Lebanese banking system.

One of the main problems with the Lebanese banking system is that it still uses outdated methods and regulations. This means it cannot compete with other countries in terms of modern services and products. Kheireddine believes that updating the regulations would be an excellent first step in reforming the system.

Another problem that needs to be addressed is Lebanon’s high level of non-performing loans. This is a major problem because banks cannot lend money to businesses and individuals who need it. Kheireddine has proposed setting up a bad bank that would take on these non-performing loans and help to improve the situation.

The current state of affairs is unsustainable, and it remains to be seen how much longer Lebanon’s top banks can hold on. However, Kheireddine’s proposals also include increasing transparency and improving corporate governance.


All in all, Marwan Kheireddine’s view on the Lebanese banking system is quite positive. He believes that Lebanese banks are well-regulated and offer good protection for customers’ deposits. He also likes that there is a lot of competition among banks in Lebanon, which helps keep interest rates low. Overall, Mr. Kheireddine is quite happy with the state of affairs in the Lebanese banking sector. Continue reading here