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Juan Monteverde Career Story

Young individuals have to fight for the career path they want for their future. Some people are lucky to have parents who push them to the best careers. Others make their decisions concerning the future on their own. Juan Monteverde, a renowned lawyer in the international community has a great story about his career and personal life growth. While people struggle with the kind of future they need, the executive was lucky to experience life and select the career he was passionate about. Juan grew up just like any other young man in the American community. The lawyer was always close to his father, and he believes he has stayed close to water bodies all of his life. The experience of staying close to water is what makes the executive have great memories and life. Because of his past life while living around water, Juan Monteverde yacht skills cannot be compared with those of other people. The lawyer is very familiar with the voices made boats, water waves and yatchs. All the early life experiences helped to the young leader to make excellent decisions for his life. When a teenager, Juan Monteverde was close to his father who worked close to water bodies as a boater. While people learnt a lot about boat experiences from professionals, Juan acquired all of his skills from his father.

When growing up, Juan Monteverde and his family relocated to several water shoes in the country. Every new location brought incredible and enjoyable life experiences in the life of the lawyer. His major life decision to join finance and invest in the stock market came when the lawyer had just found his way to undergraduate school. While learning, the young and talented boater felt the need to look for small jobs so that he could depend on himself. This is the decision that led to the life he enjoys today. One of the local law firms based in California gave the young Juan a chance to work when he was having any free time. The bosses were very welcoming, and they taught the young man the best skills needed in the industry. The life of the lawyer took a better turn when the bosses insisted that Juan Monteverde should take part in a fourteen days court case. During the time of the case, Juan and the company team worked hard, and they finally gave justice to two immigrants. The immigrants had been defrauded by a local developer, and this was an eye opener for the business executive. The case brought joy at the end of the day because of the way the two immigrants got their justice. Juan liked everything he had witnessed at the court.

Juan Monteverde yacht desires had to take a break as he invested his time in law. Giving different people justice became the new life goal for the talented executive. The law, the courts and everything done for justice made Juan change his career path from finance. Juan knew it was time to make a great change because of the feelings he developed at the law courts. Juan decided to research about the available law schools because he wanted to get the best education about the new industry. The young lawyer was about to relocate and study in New York City when he got a scholarship to sharpen his law skills in a Florida law school. The Florida school meant that the executive was going to be close to water, a great desire he had.

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