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Information about Patrick Lucchese

Information about Patrick Lucchese

After years of amassing material and creating a library of thousands of images, Patrick Lucchese (Patrick’s CV) needed to create content for his website and social media quickly. He had the idea of creating a creative resume to help him stand out in the crowd. The result is one of the more unique and visually pleasing resumes on the web. It has been covered in many well-known blogs, including Forbes and Bored Panda.

Patrick Lucchese (Patrick’s CV) made a frame with a 5×7 grid onto which he placed his images in their original size. The design conveys information with minimal clutter or distraction. The organization of the visual material is simplified by using basic geometry and natural transitions (hard edge to soft edge). The neutral background allows the viewer to focus on the graphic material.

The main lesson learned from this project is one we all should remember: “keep it simple.” This project has a simple design that stays true to the concept of a creative resume. The frame was already created, and the images were chosen, so we needed to keep it simple and let the content do the work. Another lesson learned is that combining different color backgrounds with an image can create a less-than-desirable effect.

Original source to learn more: https://medium.com/@patricklucchese