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Immensa: Using Additive Manufacturing to Strengthen the Energy Sector

Immensa is a solution provider that leverages additive manufacturing technologies. They work with industry-leading companies in energy sectors to bring new technologies to market faster and more efficiently than ever before.

The company combines innovative technologies from the aerospace, automotive, and biotechnology industries with its proprietary experience in additive manufacturing to provide highly specialized machines for producing parts based on 3D designs. As a result of this integration of technologies, Immensa’s machines can be used in applications where they would otherwise require different solutions to fit in existing workflows.

It provides solutions at the materials and product design level and at the level of individual parts. In addition to additive manufacturing, Immensa is also helping its customers gain an edge by providing state-of-the-art machining solutions while maintaining total quality control throughout all stages of production.

Immensa’s Business Development and Marketing team is currently working with a broad range of industries and organizations in their latest efforts to draw attention to the company, learn more about its technology, and ultimately gain insight into how best to deploy its products. Working with experts in different industry sectors will serve as a stepping stone as Immensa begins its journey toward becoming a global player.

The goal of the business development team is to raise awareness of the potential Immensa offers, to inspire ideas and innovations, and ultimately to increase their sales numbers. Another goal is to encourage technology transfer and accelerate commercialization initiatives to bring their 3D printing technology closer to production.

As a lean organization with a highly collaborative culture, it thrives on sharing expertise and knowledge across departments, leadership levels, and geographical locations. The company’s core values are collaboration over the competition; innovation over tradition; synergy over conflict; passion over complacency; excellence over modesty; and accountability over excuses. Through these values, it has become a world-class innovator and is not just another manufacturer of conventional 3D printers. They have taken the technology to the next level by making it a system rather than a product.