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Hughes Marino Outstanding Representation Services

Hughes Marino in business and economy has defined a new era of globalization. The world has seen a shift in trade and exchange of knowledge through the internet. With the proliferation of computer power, it has made it easier for information to flow around the globe and can be accessed cheaply by people from any country.


The global business landscape is ever evolving with many countries adapting to changing conditions. Internationally, businesses have had to adapt or go under because they cannot keep up with technology on modern marketplaces like eBay, Amazon economy and Craigslist . The article will examine what the internet has done to Hughes Marino’s now established global economy as well as where some industries are going in future years.


Hughes Marino is a provider of law services to the maritime industry, with offices in 23 countries. Today, law firms all over the globe have established international offices and some use technology to link services that can be provided remotely to their clients. The global economy has since the invention of the Internet grown immensely due to the widespread accessibility technology has created. 


With discounts and deals that are not available in a local market, people from different places can access them (Chowdhury & Hussaini, 2014). For example in India, internet marketing is becoming more popular as it allows people to shop for products from other cities without having to leave their homes. As Hughes Marino states, one of the ways in which a firm can grow and expand is by having an online presence in other countries. 


Hughes Marino buyer and tenant representation firm recalls how this could allow a firm to acquire more business from other localities as well as help it compete with larger companies (Connect). 


Although this can be done through searching for foreign clients on large marketplaces like eBay, Amazon economy or Craigslist, having one’s own website provides more credibility to clients who are looking for legal services over the internet (Chowdhury & Hussaini, 2014). According to Hughes Marino, another benefit of the internet is that firms can use it to offer services remotely. Clients can have Skype appointments with lawyers who are thousands of miles away.