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Hughes Marino Buying Negotiation Services

In a time when traditional commercial project management brokers worked almost exclusively in favor of landlords, Hughes Marino saw an opportunity for change. With tenants seeking new opportunities in the city, he decided to break away from the traditional brokerage and advocate for them. 


Hughes Marino knew that the commercial project management industry needed a revolution. Breaking away to support tenants who had never previously been given a fair shake at the negotiating tables, the firm became one of the pioneers in commercial property tenant representation.


Now, decades later – and after countless hours of research into the best possible solution for tenants – Hughes Marino is one of America’s leading tenant representation firms. They have achieved this by offering unparalleled expertise and deep operational support nationwide. Our singular goal is to protect the interests and rights of our clients, and no one does that better than us. Our mission is to ensure no conflict of interest exists between our clients and ourselves. 


At Hughes Marino, we strive to provide the best service possible to both buyer and seller. We represent tenants and owners in virtually all industry types with their lease or buy negotiation, regardless of size. With offices nationwide, we carry out commercial project management projects ranging from two thousand square feet to two million square feet, keeping our client’s growth objectives and financial goals front and center.

This unbiased, expert tenant representation has garnered us the fierce loyalty of clients across the country. We recognize the importance of protecting the rights of our clients‘ business owners and nonprofit organizations. Our attorneys at Hughes Marino can help protect your legal interests during negotiations, litigation, and other sensitive issues.