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  How Vijay Eswaran Built a Successful Brand

Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian self-made billionaire who started with nothing more than an idea and his hard work. He is the founder of QI Group of Malaysia.

The Ego is a force within us that seeks constant satisfaction and, if not fulfilled, becomes explosive in its need to satisfy itself at all costs. When our Ego runs riot, we act with blind conviction and rationalize any means to get what we want — even when it is not suitable for us or others around us. Our true self loses to the ravenous beast unleashed on our inner being – the Ego.

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With this Ego comes a host of insecurities, fears, and limitations. It is always looking for something bigger, better, and more; sometimes, it achieves these things. However, with all the splendid achievements, it will also create an exaggerated sense of self-importance that never let’s go. Successful people often live in a bubble within their Ego with no genuine regard for others or care for what they do to others; they are often excessive in every way, from their lavish lifestyle to their delusions that they are extraordinary human beings.

Vijay Eswaran has brought on a series of books to help people understand their personality dynamics and how to master their inner selves. In his book ‘Taming the Ego and Opening the Mind,’ he explains how to identify the triggers that cause our Ego to throw tantrums and how to move past this explosive phase.