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How to Shop With with Krishen Iyer

You probably know Krishen Iyer as the co-founder of eWat, which helps consumers weight-allowance. But you may not know him as the author of the book, which is why this short guide is designed to help you


The Different Types of Shopping Returns


You must go to the store for physical returns and pay for your product. If you are returning a product, you need to enter the product’s complete name, the number of pieces in the package, and the dimensions of the product. Then, Krishen Iyer adds, you must enter the price, the month and year, and other information about the product. After all, data has been entered, you can either carry out the return or send a new order. You must first click on the “I am returning this product” button for digital returns. 


Once in, you must provide your phone number and other information about the product. Then, you can pick from a variety of options for return policy: “return within 7 days”, “return within 10 days”, or “return within 20 days”.


Tips for keeping your shop safe

As Krishen Iyer states, you’re probably already familiar with shop safety. But you’ve never really thought about it before. The general rule of thumb is that you should never sell to a person who is not also a person. That means you need to take steps to make your store safe first and then sell second. That’s right. You can do all of this without any real effort at all. Now that you know how to shop, what’s next? For Krishen Iyer, making sure your shop is safe is key to making sure your customers are happy. Learn about shopping returns and how to be careful when sending them.