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How Happy Joe’s Helps In School Fundraisers

Founded by Lawrence Joseph Whitty in 1972, Happy Joe’s Pizza and Ice Cream Parlor is one of the most famous American pizza chains located in Bettendorf, Iowa. They have locations across the Southern and Midwestern US plus the Middle East. 


Since its foundation, Happy Joe’s has been dedicated to community involvement. This, because it started after Lawrence Joseph threw a child’s birthday party at Shakey’s Pizza. Here, he worked as the manager. One way the restaurant keeps showing involvement in the community is by organizing back-to-school fundraisers. From September to December 2022, the restaurant will be running three of its most famous fundraising options.


Happy Joe’s makes this for organizations, school clubs, and programs, looking for an exciting way to get funds while getting discounts from the organization. One of these options is the Happy Fundraising Cards that give over $40 in savings, accepted in all of the restaurant’s locations. Groups can buy the cards for $1, sell them for $5, and make a $4 profit. 


People can also buy the restaurant’s gift cards at discounted prices through the Happy Joe’s Script Program and sell them for their original cost. The other option is hosting a five-hour fundraiser where guests are invited to order from the restaurant to dine in, take away, or have the food delivered to any location. 


The fundraiser runs from 4-9 pm, and 10-15% of the money from each purchase goes to the buyer’s chosen cause. Guests at Happy Joe’s must show fliers when paying for the meals, and the organizations in the fundraiser get their checks within two weeks after the event. Some locations usually extend the time of the fundraiser over five hours, so organizations must inquire first.