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Heath Ritenour Talks About What It Takes to be A Leader

When it comes to business leadership, the people in leadership positions are always ready to enhance the growth of the firm at all stages. Some of the business leaders will make use of traditional strategies depending on certain metrics, whereas others will lead depending on their intuition. As for Heath Ritenour, he is the best example of an innovative and intuitive leader currently serving as the chairman and chief executive officer of IOA (Insurance of America).

Heath Ritenour understands the importance of leading by example. As a renowned business person, Heath understands the importance of values in corporate culture. Under the leadership of Heath Ritenour, the future of Insurance of America is bright.

Currently, Insurance of America is among the largest insurance firms privately held in the U.S. Ritenour has worked closely with his peers to ensure that the corporation will attain its goals ever since he joined the organization in 1996. Before being appointed as the chief executive officer in 2007, Heath had garnered enough experience about IOA and the insurance sector at large.

Heath continues to oversee the modernization and growth of Insurance of America while also ensuring endless opportunities. The clients also get the best experiences and services at IOA. As an innovative leader, Heath also understands the importance of customer service and technological advancements.

During a recent interview, Heath managed to talk about how his leadership role at IOA has been impacted by his personal life. According to Heath, IOA (Insurance of America) started as an insurance firm to put the clients and agents first.

The staff will always be happy when you focus on them first before profits. At IOA, the employees will always be happy to report for duty daily while ensuring the consumers get quality customer service. Customer interaction is among the main areas you need to focus on as a leader if you want your company to prosper.