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Health Carousel Uses Tech To Solve Healthcare Problems

The healthcare system is in a state of crisis. The cost of managing health care is astronomical and the quality of medical care has not reached the level that it could achieve with further investment. A solution to this massive problem can be found in the form of Health Carousel, a peer-to-peer platform that offers support for users with chronic diseases to find personalized treatment plans.

The start-up was started in 2009 by three friends, Remy Baudry, Guillaume Carreau and Benjamin Decoin. All of whom were living in the same neighborhood and all of whom had the same health issues. Their own medical problems motivated them to take action and to think about ways that they could help themselves and others who had similar problems. They realized that a big problem people faced was that they had no way of finding treatment options or personalized plans to suit their illnesses so they decided to solve this problem with Health Carousel.

Their platform uses technology to help people search and compare different treatment options that are available to them in their locality. They have developed a platform which makes it easier for users to find treatment plans that are tailored to the individual and which offer better results.

They have developed it as an application in order to make it more accessible. This means that people with chronic diseases can use the application on their computers or smart phones to find helpful information. The app is offered free of charge because they want as many people as possible to use it.

There is a lot of competition in the healthcare industry but Health Carousel has a unique selling point. They are the only application that offers specific details of treatment options and personalized care plans for chronic diseases. Another way in which they hope to stand out from their competitors is by offering social media as a part of their application. They have incorporated this feature because it makes it easier for users to build up a support network on the same platform and because it helps them to find more people with similar conditions who can offer advice and support.