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Health Carousel Projects

Health Carousel organization has been managing talent and enhancing patient care through access to cutting-edge technology and skilled medical personnel. Some workforce solutions Health Carousel organization include travel nursing, foreign healthcare, and locum tenens. It is among the top 20 healthcare staffing organizations in the US.

The organization’s program, known as Light the Way, is committed to creating an ethical nursing field in all its practices. The firm plans to invest $200,000 in nurse education and training programs for three years. The project will cut across domestic and international students. The announcement was made on International Nurses Day. The awards will be given primarily to nurses that want to pursue postgraduate and graduate courses.

A national team from different top boards will be responsible for these awards to ensure fairness. Carousel named Chamberlain University as a preferred partner for the nursing education program. The nursing program will reduce the United States’ shortage of nurses. In the past, qualified nursing students have been stopped from pursuing the course due to limited faculties. The faculties are available in a country like the Philippines, but they lack proper nursing training equipment. This leads to exam failure, which disqualifies them from practicing nursing activities.

The funding will support the Philippine and Uganda nursing faculties. The founder of the Health Carousel explained that the pandemic heightened the need for nurses. Many people suffered and died from the pandemic. One reason was that the nurses were overwhelmed, and health care equipment was insufficient and of high technology. The organization was founded in 2004 and has since helped various nurses achieve their dreams.

Some of the beneficiaries of the healthcare programs have risen to be top board leaders in various nursing bodies. The number of skilled nurses in work is declining due to old age, and that solution needs to be found with an immediate effect.