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Happy Joe’s Named on QSR’s Top 50 Contenders of 2022

When Happy Joe’s wanted to create a refreshing, new concept for its restaurants, it turned to design and technology. With a focus on making customers happy, the chain needed to stay ahead of trends that would make the restaurant stand out. To help guide its decision-making process, it hired an outside “expert,” who pointed them in the right direction. 


With a new concept, Happy Joe’s needed to establish a brand identity. Previously, the chain was known for its line of frozen drinks, but this needed to change. All the ingredients for success were their great products; loyal customers; industry-leading sales growth, but it lacked a cohesive theme that would establish the brand in customers’ minds. 


To ensure the right message went out to all its customers, it used a brand manager and marketing team. The team responsible for this planning included a brand manager, creative director, social media manager, and business analyst. With the help of these professionals, the Happy Joe’s chain built a strong foundation for its new brand identity.


Happy Joe´s American Pizza Parlor

This, by developing a worldclass campaign that communicated to all interested parties – customers, partners, and investors. It wanted to make Happy Joe’s Pizza Parlor more than just another restaurant chain, it had to be an experience. It set out to create loyalty through its employees, not just its customers (Places).


To accomplish this goal, its audience was segmented into four groups: customers, partners, investors, and team members. Then the brand developed a campaign that targeted each of these audiences with a different message. The chain knew it needed to focus on the right messages to be heard by all its audiences. Customers were told that “Happy Joe’s is a place where you can get a great meal while maintaining a positive attitude.” This message made customers aware that they would be treated like family when they visited.