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Gino Pozzo

Gino Pozzo is the Watford Football Club owner and is a Pozzo family member. He took over his father’s position as chairman in 2012 when Giampaolo Pozzo was appointed president of Udinese. Gino Pozzo has established himself as one of the most important individuals in world football, and with that being said, we will explore what he does daily to help grow his football club.

His Achievements

Gino Pozzo is an experienced businessman with a more personal interest in football. He first joined the family business when he left university and began to assist his father at Udinese Calcio. At the time, Giampaolo was the club owner, having bought it over in 1986. However, Gino gradually worked higher up the ranks until he was given full control in 2012. He did this by giving up his place on the board of directors so that he could become Udinese’s president.

In ten years, Gino Pozzo worked himself up from being a classically trained accountant to a superb businessman and an excellent decision-maker with years of financial experience. As time went on, he became more and more involved in the business side of Udinese, and it was no surprise that he eventually took over from his father as the club’s owner.

Gino Pozzo was born in April 1962, meaning he was only fifty years old when he took over from his father. Aged fifty means that Gino is considered an older man in the football world; however, with his wealth and experience, you would not presume him to be so.

As a young man, Gino studied accounting at university. He then got a job as an auditor at Marchese Gusso & Co. for a short time. While working there, he still had time to study economics at the University of Siena, which eventually allowed him to become a qualified accountant. He then moved on to working as an auditor at Ernst & Young. Refer to this article to learn more.


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