Frances Townsend Expresses Her Worries About National Security

Fran/ Frances Townsend

Since March 20, 2021, Frances F. Townsend has been our Executive Vice President for Internal Audit, Corporate Secretary, and Principal Compliance Officer. She is responsible for various company activities, including Government Relations, Public Policy, and Communications.

Fran was vice chairman, general counsel, and chief administrative officer of MacAndrews & Forbes, Inc. before joining Activision Blizzard. She was previously a corporate partner at Baker Botts LLP. Fran served as President George W. Bush’s assistant for national security and counterterrorism from 2004 to 2008, convening the Homeland Security Council at a critical moment for the US.

Fran is on the boards of the Atlantic Council, the Center for Global Development, and the Council on Foreign Relations, among other organizations. She is also the Co-Chair of the International Task Force on Planning for the Next Pandemic, funded by the Committee on Foreign Relations.

Frances Townsend Expresses Her Worries About National Security

Townsend was worried that British intelligence had failed to adequately educate security officers and luggage screeners across the transportation sector about the impending threat. Screeners would be unable to recognize the hidden soda bottle explosives since they were a new sort of explosive. Even the detection accuracy tools set up in the aftermath of September 11 would be unable to identify the explosive beverage.

Fran Townsend felt dissatisfied with the way the British handled the operation. The British were engaged in the novel because they were receiving a lot of pressure from a lady in the White House–when it was their issue. However, because those planes were scheduled to go to America very soon, Townsend deemed it an emergency.

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