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Entertainment Lawyer Damien Granderson´s Career

Entertainment Lawyer Damien Granderson is an entertainment lawyer with offices in Beverly Hills and New York. He has expertise in deal structuring, business negotiations, and execution of transactions in a variety of industries, including music, fashion, publishing, sponsorships, television, films, and podcasts. He has a team that works well together to assist different clients.


The successful attorney´s top priorities are safeguarding his clients’ intellectual property and giving them tactical direction so they can realize their creative, professional, and entrepreneurial ambitions. By following this rule, Entertainment Lawyer Damien Granderson has supported many lucrative and essential deals in the media and entertainment industries.


Among the top entertainers on Entertainment Lawyer Damien Granderson’s client list are recording artists and athletes. He has also represented business people, producers, media companies, fashion labels, songwriters, actors, directors and filmmakers. Due to his aptitude for handling issues in various fields, Damien Granderson frequently consults with multiple entertainment industries. He makes sure that clients are attended to quickly and efficiently. 


In keeping with his “one firm” guiding principle, Entertainment lawyer Damien Granderson employs a collaborative approach to deliver the desired result to his new and old clients. The African American businessman is committed to advancing workplace diversity based on sexual orientation, gender, and ethnicity and raising the living standards of the communities he serves.

When he works with different artists, Damien ensures that their contributions are acknowledged and that he is not desperate to own ideas that didn’t originate from him. The successful lawyer is a very well-spoken, intelligent young man with a great future ahead of him. While Entertainment Lawyer Damien Granderson has not had a simple journey to where he is, he believes that learning and resilience are essential for any business to grow.