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Dr. David Parrott UF Wins the BNZ National Business Award

David Parrott is the head of the Ministry of Education, which administers the education system. It is divided into departments: the Department of Education and the Department for Higher Education. The higher education specialist David Parrott from the University of Florida is among the highly educated and experienced leaders dedicated to educating children and young people and is a member of the Department for Education. 


David Parrott leads both departments. The Department for Higher Education is responsible for academic research and teaching in post-secondary institutions. David Parrot started his career in education as a teacher at Naseby High School from 1974 to 1975. He then moved on to be an administrator in the public school system, first at Christchurch Boys’ High School (1975),


Later, David Parrott served at Lincoln College (1976), and finally at Victoria University of Wellington (1977). The university administrator became deputy principal at Lincoln College in 1978 before moving on to become principal at Victoria University of Wellington in 1981. In 1986, he became deputy secretary for education and acting secretary when Labor Minister Judy Keall retired that year. 


He was re-appointed Secretary by Prime Minister Jim Bolger in October 1987 until July 1990, when he was appointed associate minister of education under Bill English. David Parrott has been recognized as one of New Zealand’s top administrators in the field of education. He has also been awarded the “Godfrey Seddon Medal,” the highest award for encouragement to young people undertaken by a New Zealand teacher.

Many people recognize Dr. David Parrott as a great New Zealand Education Sector leader. In 1990, higher education specialist and administrator David Parrott was awarded the Queen’s Service Medal for his services to education. In 2004, he was awarded the BNZ National Business Award for contributing to New Zealand’s education and knowledge development. The parrot was named one of the “100 Great New Zealanders” by the Dominion Post newspaper which award recognizes people who have made an outstanding contribution to New Zealand society and culture in their lifetime.