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Citizen App’s First Paid Tool Connects Users with Safety Agents

Citizen, a community safety app, has launched its first paid feature. The Citizen App uses crowd-sourced data and surveilled police scanner traffic to share local incidents with its users. The new feature, called Protect, provides paying subscribers with the ability to alert a Citizen employee if they feel unsafe. That employee can then escalate the subscriber’s concern to a first responder or 911 – exactly like a medical alert device.

In addition to contacting a Citizen employee, the Protect feature can also notify a user’s emergency contacts of a situation. The feature can also create a “public incident” to alert nearby Citizen users to a threat or call for help. The goal of this new feature is to leverage existing crowd-sourced incident data to create real-time solutions for those in trouble.

When users press the “get agent” button within the app, they are connected to a “Protect Agent”. The Citizen App’s Protect Agents include a variety of medical responders, former law enforcement officers, and other experienced professionals. These employees are required to take a four-week certification course and receive specialized training.

Protect beta testing has been successful. Citizen App has tested the new product with nearly 100,000 existing Citizen users but plans to make the service available to its 8 million users soon. Protect will initially cost $19.99 per month.

Americans are familiar with paying for safety tools. Some Americans opt for home equity lines of credit to help fund security upgrades and camera installation. The Citizen App’s foray into a paid subscription service is a smart and proactive response to the changing surveillance and home security market. Funders are on board with the latest venture, too. Citizen raised more than $130 million in venture capital funding, and this latest application is poised to help the company secure additional funding. See this article for additional information.


Learn more about Citizen App on https://citizen.com/explore