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Citizen App Launches A New Feature To Enhance The Safety of Its Users

On Aug 2021, Citizen App launched its first monetized feature, presenting a chance for its subscribers to get in touch with a live safety agent in case they’re in unsafe situations. The App uses crowd feed information and policer scanner traffic to alert its subscribers based in the U.S of the surrounding happenings.

The newly launched feature referred to as Protect, will help keep track of the user’s whereabouts if they feel unsafe. The Citizen App agent will attend to the issue immediately by either giving out emergency contacts or sending an alert to inform other Citizen Users of the happenings of the incident in case it’s a public concern.

The Protect feature is purposed to help lessen the number of non-emergency calls. Citizen app has been dedicated to providing on-time situational responsiveness to alert its subscribers to determine their next approach after getting informed. The launching of the new feature now enables users to ask for help from the App in case of unsafe incidents.

Citizen App was established in 2016, and it was formally referred to as Vigilante. Over the years, the App has developed to attract more users. The total cost of the Protect feature will be $19.90 monthly. To ensure the dependability of the protect App is has been put into test with almost 100,000 subscribers. Since the feature was launched, it is now accessible to 8 million subscribers is giving priority to the iOS devices.

The launching of the new Citizen feature was received differently by the citizens as some claimed that it is an internal test for a service that would set out reserved treaties to act as quick reaction security personnel to subscribers lactated in Los Angeles. However, that is not the case as Protect is enabled with a distress detection mode equipped with high tech to identify a phone’s audio to recognize sounds like screams. Visit this page for more information.


More about Citizen App on https://www.reuters.com/technology/crime-app-citizen-rolls-out-fee-based-tool-us-users-contact-safety-agents-2021-08-03/