Fleet Week The Musical

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Hughes Marino, Commercial Culture Consulting Company

Hughes Marino is an established commercial culture consulting company with a proven track record in the industry. They are based in San Diego and have long-term relationships with tenants who value their experienced team of professionals. They offer culture consulting services to clients throughout the region, with many years of experience in the commercial culture consulting marketplace.    Hughes Marino has a dedicated and well-trained...

Don Manifold Has Won Numerous Awards

A Kansas City entrepreneur and member of the Missouri Entrepreneurs Forum, Don Manifold is an expert in business management and financial services. His accomplishments include chairmanship of a major public utility corporation, working as an executive at Gannett Co., Inc., leading a national organization that protects people from financial abuse, being named a top 10 CEO for 2014 by his peers, and founding the International Chamber of Commerce....

On the Ground Helping the Children and People of Ukraine

During these turbulent times there are ways that we can all help the people of Ukraine. The most basic of life sustaining essentials are needed to keep them alive and well. Two of the best ways to help is to either send money to established organizations or to volunteer aide if you are willing and able. UNICEFF is currently on the ground helping the children and people of Ukraine with education, shelter, medicine and clean drinking water. They...

Break a leg!

Sometimes we just need a bit of luck. Having all the skill and being ultra prepared will carry you across ost finish lines but sometimes having a bit of luck is the missing piece!