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Best Portugal Real Estate Luis Horta e Costa

Businessman and entrepreneur Luis Horta e Costa, along with other specialists in the field who like life in Portugal’s pleasant environment, strongly advises investors to buy property there. It is time to reap the rewards of Portugal’s government’s foresight and entrepreneurial spirit, which kept the country’s economy from crashing during the Global Depression.

Luis Horta e Costa, a seasoned pro in the world of real estate investment, is just one of the many local Portuguese who appreciates Portugal’s scenic landscapes and vibrant cities. One of the primary motivations for him and his business associates to launch Square View in Lisbon in 2016 is due to the city’s thriving startup scene. The company’s primary focus is on real estate development and asset management. He argues that others share his optimistic view of Portugal’s booming property market.

Portugal boasts excellent beaches and a natural environment, good weather all year round, a low cost of living, delicious food, a high standard of safety, and an exceptional safety record. Having reliable public transit and accessible medical care is only two examples of how a country’s infrastructure improves people’s daily lives. Aside from its political stability, Portugal is a safe country to visit.

Idealista’s assessments, based on information gathered in the second quarter of 2022, show that Lisbon is still the most popular tourist destination, followed by Loul√©, Porto, Albufeira, and Cascaisa.¬† Unique advantages come with each location. The increasing need for housing in Portugal has presented Luis Horta e Costa with a chance to do what he enjoys most: create beautiful homes.

He believes his zeal for inventing new things can be seen in the success of programs Square View has launched in some of Portugal’s most fascinating cities. Lisbon is Portugal’s capital and the country’s economic hub, and it is also a beautiful city full of historic landmarks. He notes that as the property price in Lisbon continues to rise, the city is becoming less desirable to potential purchasers.