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Best Portugal City Investment by Luis Horta e Costa

To understand Portugal is to embrace Portugal. Those born in the country that borders Spain feel an innate connection to its natural charms. Portugal is a land of rolling vineyards and majestic mountains. Its coastline, dotted with picturesque villages, is home to thousands of miles of beaches. And its cities contain old cobblestone streets and grand architecture.

The Portuguese government has allowed the country to recover from the financial crisis through a combination of interest rate cuts and economic stimulus spending. Consequently, the country has entered into an era of growth. Lisbon is one of the safest destinations to live and work abroad; consequently, the demand for housing continues to rise. Investors are flocking to the nation to access the high yields associated with these properties. In addition to purchasing residential properties, investors also choose to invest in commercial properties such as office space.

Lisbon’s oldest quarter, Alfama, is home to architecture spanning more than two thousand years. Alfama’s labyrinth of narrow streets unfurls from Castle Sao Jorge to the Tagus river, and every step offers sweeping vistas. The Romans ruled Alfama from 205 BCE to around 409 CE. A succession of Moorish rulers took over Alfama until the Spanish finally captured the Portuguese capital in 1495. So real estate buyers have lots of options here.

A real estate developer and asset manager based in Portugal, Square View was founded in 2016 by Luis Horta e Costa. With a focus on creating quality, mixed-use developments in Lisbon and elsewhere in Portugal, the company designs, builds, manages and reaps profits on residential, commercial and retail real estate assets.

Natural beauty attracts those with an affinity toward boating, swimming, or surfing to the coasts of Portugal’s Algarve, the whole southland that boasts more sun hours than any other part of Europe. In addition to its seaside towns and golf courses, the Algarve includes hundreds of miles of hiking trails, high cliffs overlooking the ocean, and vast stretches of farmland.