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Andrew Frame: Why Digital Security Systems Are Not Undertaking Surveillance On Innocent Citizens

Digital surveillance is an emerging threat in the modern world that every other individual is currently looking to eliminate. However, as it currently stands, very few individuals are inherently informed about this important topic.

This means that most people who are currently using various digital devices don’t actually understand that they are probably undertaking surveillance or are getting monitored by some of the digital devices they are currently using. According to the current observation, the emergence of digital security systems in the country, such as Citizen App, has raised some major questions about the surveillance of the people in the community. There is a feeling that people using such applications could be conducting surveillance even without their knowledge. This has been one of the important reasons why there have been some authorities that have been interfering with the use of such innovations.

Andrew Frame has been at the forefront of the people who have been developing some of the digital safety apps in the country. This means that he has an expert who is actively presenting some reliable information on the entire topic. Obviously, as an interested party, Frame is bound to highlight that this technology is not undertaking surveillance on the members of the community as this would amount to the intrusion of personal privacy under the current legal provisions in the country.

About Andrew Frame

Andrew Frame has changed the dynamics of the security system in the country through the development of digital security systems. Citizen App is the major innovation that he has already introduced in the community, and it is worth communicating that this innovation has been helpful in eliminating some of the security threats that people have been expecting.

Andrew Frame is a responsible citizen and does not use his innovations to conduct surveillance on people in the community. Refer to this article for more information.


Find more information about Frame can be found on https://ecorner.stanford.edu/contributor/andrew-frame/