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André Des Rochers Continues To Find Success In His Career As An Attorney

André Des Rochers is a successful attorney who calls New York his home. He recently became a partner at the law firm Gray Krauss LLP. This took place while he and his colleagues were attending Sundance, which is a popular film festival that showcases various films. 


They are now currently serving as production counsel and counsel to a number of films that are being presented to the public. as André Des Rochers states. The founders of Gray Krauss LLP are also in attendance at the Sundance film festival. They have been coming to Sundance for many consecutive years and spend a lot of their time focusing on the performing arts. 


In the past, Krauss worked with a music firm but is now fully committed to his work where he provides legal counsel in multiple entertainment sectors. Successful entertainment lawyer André Des Rochers has continued to represent many different clients who work in the media, music, TV, and film industries. 


He began to work with Gray Krauss during the mid 2000s after serving with Shearman & Sterling LLP. In the past, André Des Rochers worked with corporate transactions but has been able to make a huge change in his career by serving as an attorney who works within the entertainment sector. 


André Des Rochers is joined by many other talented attorneys and is expected to continue to have a successful and productive career. At Hollywood, some of his most recent clients include popular names in the music industry. André Des Rochers finally informs them that they will be counting on his expertise to help guide them through today’s laws that are relevant to their industry.