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André Des Rochers at Laval University

Successful attorney André Des Rochers is a founding partner of Granderson Des Rochers, LLP. He is a graduate of the University of New Brunswick School of Law and has come across some enormous success in his career. He has worked with many different types of law firms.


Also, specialized in areas such as construction, oil and gas law, environmental protection, international copyright law, corporate transactions, and litigation. André Des Rochers has been recognized as a Top 40 under 40 Outstanding Canadian by Canadian Lawyer magazine. 


André Des Rochers was born on December 20th, 1980 in St-Basile-Le-Grand in the province of Quebec. He spent most of his childhood apart from his brother as they were raised by their parents who helped run a bakery business that sold breads to restaurants around town. He was an avid player of basketball throughout his childhood.


In addition, he would often play basketball in the back of his father’s business. However, he never played organized basketball until after completing secondary school. André Des Rochers’ brother was a star player on his team and often made the plays that André wanted to make. 

It was this bond between them that would inspire the successful entertainment attorney when it came time to choose a legal professional career path. André Des Rochers was accepted into the university level at Laval University. Laval is one of the top universities in Quebec and as a student there, André Des Rochers was able to work on his studies around his basketball playing schedule.