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Who Is Miki Agrawal?

Miki Agrawal’s life experiences have so far been diverse. She is a Canadian-Japanese residing in Canada, and she likes to add a touch of finesse to her work. Miki Agrawal has created a path to be emulated by enterprises and people afraid of taking risks.

Agrawal has shaped different global platforms with her experience from a previous job as an investment banking analyst. Her attitude towards her impact on the world changed after the 9/11 bombing. And this doesn’t come as a surprise since she worked in New York at the international Deutsche Bank offices. Fortunately, she had and continues to receive moral support from her twin, husband and child.

Career Achievements

Miki Agrawal was the brains behind Thinx. The brand stands for perfection and protection of women. Agrawal’s iconic venture into women’s underwear for use during menses raised global recognition.

The women’s underwear business became an instant success since the underwears were efficient as they were reusable. Agrawal’s spirit to ask questions against norms was also seen as risky. Nevertheless, she used this attribute to develop a compelling product that made her a household name.

Miki Agrawal’s innovations had a lot to do with her experiences. Diversification became a norm for her, and this was from playing professional spacer to doing video production. Agrawal was discouraged by the unhealthy meals she was subjected to as there was no adequate time for healthy meals. As a result, Agrawal established the first gluten-free eatery that offers farm-to-table meals. And this became a reality in New York.

It is worth noting that shifting from a business mentality to authoring pieces craved for by a large audience earned her awards. The consistency, however slow, got her to her primary objective of independence. Meanwhile, her family members provided her with the support family to overcome her challenges.