David McDonald: OSI Group President & COO

David Mc Donald is currently the President and COO of the OSI Group LLC. OSI Group is located in Aurora, Illinois. In addition, David Mc Donald is also a long time board member of the North American Meat Institute.

David McDonald is featured extensively on Bloomberg financial as well as other related financial markets. Mr. McDonald was formally the Project manager of OSI Industries.

Mr. McDonald stills holds the position of Independent Director of Marfrig Global Foods. David McDonald has held this position with Marfrig since 2008. In addition, Mc Donald also holds a position on the Board of Directors at OSI Group.

David McDonald is also Director of OSI International Foods. OSI International Foods is headquartered in Australia. It is quite evident that David McDonald has had a successful business career. McDonald has a strong work ethic that has served him very well throughout his entire life.

David McDonald graduated from Iowa State University with a Degree in Animal Science. McDonald graduated from Iowa State with honors. Education has always been extremely important to David McDonald.

David McDonald OSI Group also lectures on issues concerning how to run a successful business not only in the United States but in other parts of the world. McDonald points out that many factors contribute to the success of a company including government regulations as well as the talent and ability of the other employees.

In addition, David McDonald has said many times that when a corporation is run in an efficient and effective manner then ultimately everyone involved will benefit in some way. Also, when an organization is not managed properly then it can lead to total collapse of a company or organization.

David McDonald is certainly an example of a man with a mission. McDonald seems to encourage others to work hard and achieve their long term dream and goals. McDonald also has a Facebook page as a matter of public interest.

Tony Petrello Journey To Success

Tony Petrello in the year 1991 is when he was the executive committee as well as the board of directors at Nabors Company. Because of the great work and the achievement he attained at the company he became the president and the chief operating officer at the company the year 2011.

Currently Tony Petrello is the president and also the CEO of Nabors Industries. He always ensures that the company run swiftly and also clients are attended fully and mostly introduce new innovative in the company. He got his J.D degree from Harvard Law School as well an M.S and B.s degree in mathematics from Yale University.

As part of his accomplishment he has partnered and worked with various law firms including McKenzie and Baker law firm whereby he was positioned at New York offices and served as the managing associate. He also served as the director of Hilcorp Energy Company as well as Stewart and Stevenson LLC. Additionally he was also the board member of trustees at Texas Children’s Hospital.

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Nabors is a company that is known for providing excellent services they mostly deal with delivering offshore drilling rigs. Due to the company providing better services it was ranked as one of the greatest and top companies in the United States. The company ensured that they distribute the largest land-based drilling equipment globally. Other services that the company provides are presentation equipment, steering drilling and innovative technologies. Nabors hires professional expertise who are very experienced and they always ensure that they provide better services to the people hence making the company prosper

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