Customer Comments Initiates Service

There are so many inmate calling networks to choose from, it takes a competitive network to build customer loyalty and Securus Technologies hasn’t had any problem standing out. Their customers can appreciate having a feedback forum for comments or suggests on technology to other users. You have an interactive feedback platform located on their website. CEO, Rick Smith says, it’s very important for big name networks to include the customers they serve. The technology features they use are initiated by their customers and help them save money as well as time. Learn how to become a valued Securus Customer today.


You have to lose join the Securus Technologies network. Customers enjoy features which guarantee them access to a secure provider. They have been responsible for regulating other networks and use their surveillance and monitoring technology to ensure their giving their customers interactive technology features. You can enjoy their remote visitation feature for access to a clear video and high definition sound quality. You control the content of the visit with a few simple onscreen modules. You’re invited to visit the Securus Technologies family provider network to stay connected to the ones you love in a correctional facility. Securus has just made inmate telecommunications affordable.


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