All About Sussex Audiology

Sussex Healthcare manages a network of nine homes throughout Sussex, Surrey and Berkshire. Sussex Audiology treats disabled, injured and elderly patients who suffer from hearing loss. The staff at SHC pride themselves on bringing the best care to patients. They all hold the necessary accreditations for their positions.

The Royal College of Physicians provides guidelines regarding training that SHC Audiology is proud to meet and exceed. Career development training is offered continually, to make sure that all employees have the most up-to-date information and training. Sussex Audiology provides contract services that support patients who also receive care through the NHS.

Sussex Healthcare Audiology prides itself on providing excellent care for all of its patients. Hearing assessment, diagnosis and fittings for hearing aids are among the services this network provides. SHC employs the best-trained audiologists, and uses the most cutting edge equipment. Audiology is not limited just to hearing. Balance is closely related to the condition of the inner ear. SHC Audiology staff help give patients their lives back, by finding and resolving the causes of hearing and balance issues. This focus on quality care, combined with the strict ethical guidelines SHC follows, ensure that patients receive quality care and have the best possible outcomes.

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In addition to acute and chronic care, Sussex Audiology also provides materials for patient education. For example, there are checklists of symptoms on the organization’s website. This helps patients determine if they need to seek specialty care, or raise the issue of hearing problems with their GPs. SHC Audiology provides information about the structure of the ear and its workings, too. This type of educational material helps the public ask specific, effective questions and communicate more effectively with their doctors.

Although most are clinics, some SHC offices are led by private physicians who specialize in ear, nose and throat conditions. The availability of these specialists is a nice supplement to the NHS network of physicians. SHC Audiology makes it easily possible for everyday people in communities throughout Berkshire, Surrey and Sussex to access the best quality care. This organization receives high marks for treating patients with tact, skill and empathy.