Event Planners
Let’s Get This Party Started
November 29, 2017

Getting an invite to a special event is exciting. Something about the idea of socializing in your best attire is appealing to us all. But, what about the one sending out the invites. The pressure that comes with planning and hosting an enjoyable event for friends and family can be a bit overwhelming at times, but there are few tips and trips you can follow to help simplify the planning process.

As always, staying organized is essential for success, and can help you stay on task. Prioritizing task in order of importance, and creating a shopping list guest list can help reduce the risk of overspending. Sending out invites and asking your guest to RSVP can help ensure you don’t forget about any important attendees, and that any special accommodations are met.

Now for the fun part. Choosing a theme for your event is a great way to help you decide on décor and color schemes. You can even create a food and drink menu built around the theme of your event, minimizing time and effort, and amplifying creativity.

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