Betsy DeVos Contributions to the society
November 24, 2017

Elisabeth, commonly known as Betsy DeVos has been proven to be competent in many fields, not limited to being an innovator, leader, an advocate and a disruptor. All these are skills that she has shown her competence in through the education, politics and business fields that she has been majoring in. Since she has been in the world of Career, Betsy has been a pioneer and always advocating fighting to endorse changes, eradicate barriers, and create environments that have opportunities to thrive.


Some of the organizations that Betsy has worked with include the Windquest Group where she served the position of a chairperson. The organization is a privately owned management and investment firm based in Michigan. More to this, Betsy has also been active in politics for over 35 years. During these 35 years, she has for more than four times served as a chairman of the Michigan Republic party.


Other roles she has served in the 35 years include being a leader in political action committees and campaign teams. Through a recent interview, Betsy claims that politics will never shade out of her a statement that has been confined true as she is currently utilizing her political efforts to advance educational choices. To those who have had an engagement with her, refer to her as a pioneer in inducing changes and creating opportunities that individuals can thrive in.


Despite her active participation and recognition internationally, Betsy is also known as an active member of her community. She has chaired some organization including the Philanthropy Roundtable and the American Federation for Children. More to this, she has also been an active member of many boards of directors both locally and nationally.


One of the key aspects that is said to have played a pivotal role in shaping her to whom she is today is her background. She is a graduate of the Holland Christian High school an institution that is said to have instilled her morals. She also received a Bachelor’s degrees in Arts from Calvin College in Michigan.


She is also said to have been married to Dick DeVos and blessed with four children. Dick DeVos who is both an entrepreneur and a community activist is said to have played a great role in supporting Betsy through her career. Betsy’s community engagements and business prowess are likely to have contributed to her nomination in the current US government.


She is a role model to girls from all over the world since she has achieved what many people can only dream of. Betsy remains as a down to earth person in spite of all the money, influence, and success that is evident in her life. Needless to say, she is one of the most successful American women.


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