How Fabletics Has Managed To Make An Impact In The World Of Fashion

There are very few companies that manage to make an impact in the business world in a short time. Fabletics is one such company. In fact, this impact has even made a large e-commerce site like Amazon stand up and take notice. This is something that is impressive for a brand that has been around for a really short time.


Fabletics is a part of the TechStyle Group. This was co-founded by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. Even though they do not have much idea about fashion, they are able to launch and manage successful businesses. This is because they are committed as well as innovative too.


They realized that there is a huge demand for fashionable and trendy clothes that people can wear while they are running, playing or doing a workout in the gym. The duo also realized that such clothes were not readily available. Besides, they were not of good quality. And they were expensive too. Hence finding good quality workout clothes that were reasonably priced was a challenge. Besides, personalized clothing was not available. Hence they found an opportunity here, and this is how Fabletics came about.


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg realized that they required someone fashionable as a face of their brand. Hence they thought of Kate Hudson. She is a celebrity, but she is looked upon for her active lifestyle too.


In addition, Kate is known to be a celebrity who will endorse a product only after she has full faith in it. Hence she does not only endorse Fabletics, but she also uses these products. This is why people can easily imagine Kate in the gym doing workouts while wearing Fabletics branded products. Or she may be running around her house playing with her kids while wearing Fabletics clothes. This has given an added boost to the brand image of Fabletics.


Kate Hudson is not a businesswoman. But she is fully involved with Fabletics. This indicates how close Fabletics is to her heart. She is fully involved in it. She likes to keep herself aware of the daily sales figures. In addition, she would even be aware of which clothes sell and which do not. This helps her in designing and selecting the next range of clothes. Besides, people would feel very happy that their clothes have been handpicked and chosen by a fashion goddess like Kate Hudson. This is another major reason behind the success of the Fabletics brand.


This company is based on a membership-based business model. When any prospective enters the physical store or visits the website, that person is asked to fill in a questionnaire. This is a simple and short form that has the personal likes and lifestyle of the person. It helps the store to know more about the person. Now Fabletics chooses clothes for the person based on this questionnaire. This would make a person very happy as they can save time and effort as clothes will be chosen for them.