Doe Deere Is Fearless

Doe Deere has become quite successful in the cosmetics industry, and it is quite possible that there are even more people that are going to find out about her company as she continues to build her name. Doe Deere came to America from Russia, and ever since she has moved into the United States she has been someone that has studied American culture. She came to America as a child, but she has still been able to bring her cultural heritage from Russia and combine it with her upbringing in America. The combination of this has given people what they now know as Lime Crime.


Doe Deere has been successful because she brought something unique to the table, but she was also someone that was willing to take a chance on what she was passionate about. Learn more:


In the early years of her work as an entrepreneur she was exploring the concept of starting a clothing line. She was doing this with her onine store through eBay, but she had become so much more impressed with the cosmetics industry. This is something that she was really passionate about, and according to the French Tribune this passion is the thing that has helped her make her business a success.


Another thing that came up in the French Tribune is the ability to tackle problems right from the start. She knew that there was no business that she could engage in where there would not be problems involved. She did not set out to create Lime Crime in order to avoid all possible problems. To the contrary, Doe Deere is someone that has been quick to actually embrace any negative feedback and look for ways to turn it around quickly.


She is someone that knows the problems can exist, but she believes that the true way to handle problems is getting a jump-start on anything that may be going wrong.


Doe Deere has also managed to provide people with a great amount of interest in her company because she has always been willing to take the risk. With the French Tribune she confirmed that she was someone that was walking a narrow path that had not been taken by many others. She was willing to go outside of what was considered the norm to create what may be considered the new norm in the cosmetics world today. Doe Deere created her own standard.