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Globetrotter Kim Dao Takes You On Her Journey
July 28, 2017

Kim Dao is a fashionista, lifestyle expert with an expertise in Japanese culture. Her youtube followers enjoy her bubbly personality and worldly knowledge. Her home, friends, family, and boyfriend are all in Australia. She has studied Japanese at a university and makes a point to visit Japan every year. Learn more:


In a recent June 3rd video found here:, she explains why she plans on moving out of Japan. Her viewers had many questions, which she addressed. She tells of why she is leaving, and her plans for the coming months. According to Kim Dao, she never planned on living long term in Japan past a year. Kim Dao will now globetrot to Europe to visit some of it’s most famous cities; including, Florence, London, and Denmark. She will be there for seven weeks. Kim Dao expressed her interest in meeting up with her youtube viewers while visiting the many cities. Learn more:


For one week, while in Europe she explains that she will travel to South Korea. The South Korean government has invited her to an event, then she will finish her seven week travels in Europe. Kim Dao encourages her avid viewers to look for vlogs while she travels to these places.


At the end of the 2017 year, Kim Dao shows her excitement for her move into her recently bought apartment. She will be moving in with her boyfriend, in her homeland of Australia. Kim Dao reassures her beloved viewers that she will still be doing makeup and lifestyle videos, with an emphasis on Japanese makeup and lifestyle.