How Don Deere Gets to Spend Her Day and Still Maintain Her Glamour

Don Deere is the Founder of Lime Crime. Unlike other successful figures around the world, Don Deere likes to have her morning time to herself. Being in the beauty sector means one has to take care of their skin. Therefore, Doe Deere often has an average of nine hours of sleep as having enough rest is her secret to good skin. Her mornings are often more natural as she does her best to keep herself away from social media and also away from the internet during the morning hours.


Don Deere, therefore, concentrates on healthy eating. Breakfast is one of the important essential meals; Don Deere often likes to have cereals for breakfast and also fresh orange juice; important to note is that she gets the oranges from her tree. Don Deere also engages in stretches to keep her refreshed as part of her morning routine which starts at 8.30 am. All this help her freshen up and also opens her creativity as she does her makeup.


Don Deere also likes to listen to music as she does her makeup. Having grown up listening to Abbey Road, she likes to listen to The Beatles which rekindles her memories back then. Her makeup routine is very interesting; she starts off with a moisturizer. Her favorite being the Murad Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence. After that, she applies her foundation. She also has a great interest in bringing her foundation in the market. After the foundation, she moves own to style her eyebrows before setting onto her cheeks and lips.


Don Deere likes bold colors as they always bring out the best in her face making her look superb. She mostly likes her blush to be red or even pink. Her lipstick favorite color is pink or also red. The time taken for the makeup varies based on factors that may include where she is going for example if there is a meeting where she has to spend extra time on or if she is not in a rush. Therefore, it may take roughly fifteen minutes to thirty or even one hours based on those factors. Doing her makeup is certainly one of her best part of the day as she gets to spend quality time to herself doing something that she likes.


Don Deere also keeps her hair colorful and good looking makes her also plan for it also. Don Deere showers in the evening so that by morning it has dried so that she can be able to do her stylistic art on it. She likes to keep her hair long and curly this brings out her signature purple color.


Don Deere is also a pet person; she has two lovely cats which are Chester von Battingham and Puffy Fluffles. She also gets to spend time with them every morning before she leaves for the office. She shows them a lot of love and care from kissing them even to pet them. Don Deere arrives in the office at noon where she does her errand sand strives to be finished by six o’clock in the evening. But sometimes she may stay up late if her work may demand so.

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