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Edgard Corona Founded Bio Ritmo In 1996 In Santo Amaro

Edgard Corona (61 years old) is the CEO and founder of SmartFit, the biggest gym network in Brazil and Latin America. He is an extraordinary businessman who is fast at identifying gaps in the market and strategized on coming up with business ideas. He founded an online gym where workout students enroll and exercise in the Netflix fitness platform.

He figured out the need to have a low-cost gym that operates in Mexico, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic. He is also a commander of Bio Ritmo and SmartFit group, which has approximately 480 gyms. His main objective was to provide convenient and easily accessible gym services.

Edgard Corona founded Bio Ritmo in 1996 in Santo Amaro with only one unit.’ Smart ‘ has improved people’s attitude towards exercising in Brazil. With the academies provided, many students all over the world are attracted to join the SmartFit sessions. He hired an architect to build the best gym model and a trainer from Australia for a start.

This was after gathering information from the Planet Fitness business model in the United States. Mr. Corona worked on the basis that the secret way to retain customers and reduce regular dropouts is by investing in powerful technology to run the business. He tries to generate recurrence of use in customers.

With the pandemic affecting many businesses, Edgard Corona remained optimistic about the fitness business in Brazil. Lockdown was an advantage to the Corona Netflix fitness program since students signed for the online indoor exercises. His determination to overcome the challenge of providing low-cost gyms in high-end technological services has made him the head of the 4th largest fitness conglomerate in the whole world. This is an inspiration to new business owners. Mr. Corona started with a single unit and ended up with a sizeable grown company. Edgard Corona’s: Facebook Page.